Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How’s the market… seriously!?

The truth is, the market is always great.  The question is… who is it great for?  We all know there is an abundance of opportunity for those looking to purchase or ‘trade in’ their home.  With an “all time high” affordability rate combined with an “all time high” inventory to choose from, it’s a no brainer.
But, how about our “seller” friends?  Well, because there are distressed properties everywhere you turn, it is getting more and more difficult to find clean, up-to-date houses that you have the history/disclosures on as well as a reasonable price tag.  If you have kept your house up and it is move in ready, you have already beat out the majority of your competition.  If you have a house that’s not in the best condition, and you NEED to get top dollar for it… then you are in luck, because the rental market is alive and well, too.
Owe more than it’s worth?  There are great options available for a new start to many who find themselves in a difficult situation.  This is because of the unique circumstance with housing and the overall economy. 
Actually, I would venture to say that the only one the market’s not looking great for may be our lenders.  And while that stinks for them… let’s be honest, better them than you, right?
So, if you are considering selling your property, contact me today for a Market Analysis, and while you’re at it, go ahead and get one for the rental market in your area as well.  If you are considering becoming a homeowner OR investor, contact me today WHILE you are checking out all of the AWESOME homes for sale on the MS Gulf Coast at www.realestatewithcassie.com. 
Not sure what in the heck you want to do?  Call me and we’ll talk about where to go from here.
Talk to you soon!

With Love,
Cassie Purcell


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